Hi! My name is Maite AlbañilKeepItTidy-20180415-IMG_6565-2_preview

I come from Fashion Business. For years I have been coordinating store openings and training store teams around de world as well as working as retail supervisor in two well known multinational companies . All my working experience has been related to manage human, phisical  and financial resourses.

I was born in Barcelona. I lived in Ireland, worked in more than 40 countries while being in my openings coordinator role and moved into India as a Retail supervisor. During these years I improved on a valuable multicultural perspective and at the same time, I realised that the more we have, the more time, energy and money takes to mantain these things. I understood that having too much actually takes away from our own quality of life.

Once I settled back in Barcelona, I took a Masters degree in Business Innovation in  UPC. I was clear about changing my goals and my professional path.

I know I have a value to add to those professional individuals and families who are starting a new life in Barcelona. To all who, as me, left a life behind to reach new goals and to live new adventures, to the ones who choose to grow in multicultural environments.

My mission is to make you feel at home as soon as you land in the city, helping you to organize your belongings, adapting your new home to your needs and working together on how to reach and maintein healthy organizational habits. These will make you more efficient, more focused and will minimize the stress that moving into a new culture means for you and your family.